KEEP your license for only $100 year without having to pay MLS expenses, Realtor® fees or Association dues!

Plus, earn 25%-75% referral fees by helping friends, family & people you know connect with top-rated agents who specialize in their market. That’s $2,500-$7,500 of a $10,000 commission! Refer in all 50 states with our network of over 15,000 agents!

  • Keep your license WITHOUT having to pay Realtor® fees, Association dues, or MLS expenses. 
  • Earn 25%-75% referral commissions without having to do ANY of the work!
  • Make money by helping your friends, family, and people you know, connect with top-rated agents.
  • Learn innovative business strategies to generate DOZENS of referrals.
  • Our service team manages the ENTIRE process. Just make a referral and wait for your check!
  • Serving every zip code in the U.S.!



Ex: $400,000 sale x 3% commission = $12,000 x 25% = $3,000 referral!




Ex: $400,000 sale x 3% commission = $12,000 x [you decide]% = $[?]




Ex: $400,000 sale x 3% commission = $12,000 x 75% = $9,000 referral!



Submit a referral
Simply provide us the name, contact info & details of your referrals.


We do the hard work
We match your referrals with top local agents & manage the entire process.


You get paid
We pay you 25% – 75% referral fee when they close. Guaranteed!

We’ll match your client with 3 great agents,
manage the entire process & pay you a
25% – 75% referral fee at closing. Join today!

What Agents are Saying about Realty Connect

“I was offered a full-time job outside of real estate, but I worked hard to get my license and wanted to keep it active. I chose Realty Connect because there are no real estate board fees, no association fees, no MLS fees and a low yearly cost. It just couldn’t be beat.”

-Joseph Abrams

“After researching several companies, I chose Realty Connect because I get to keep 100% of my referral fees and the low cost of maintaining my license there. Joining Realty Connect has allowed me to supplement my income while being able to provide my past clients with top-rated agents that know how to take a referral and close it.!”

-Sheila Johnson

“I transferred my license to Realty Connect after finding out they pay their agents 100% of the 25%-75% referral fee they collect. My previous referral brokerage took 50% of my referral fees! Plus, at my last brokerage, I was on my own with no support. Realty Connect helps me develop referrals with business ideas and strategies that actually work!!”

-Andrew Isles